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Arbitrage is the process of buying a security, currency, commodity or cryptocurrency on one market and then selling it on another market at a higher price, profiting from the temporary difference in value. It is considered a particularly low-risk strategy for investors.

ArbiSmart uses an automated system to connect to numerous exchanges for the purpose of purchasing and selling different types of assets. The system searches the exchanges for the lowest possible price at which to buy an asset and then looks for the highest price at which to sell it, with the aim of generating revenue from differences in the asset price.

ArbiSmart is fully licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) in Estonia and is authorised to provide a range of virtual currency services across the EU. To learn more about the protections this affords ArbiSmart investors, click here.

The system utilizes advanced, patent-pending technology to identify the best prices for trading cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. ArbiSmart is connected to the exchanges in real time. The system is able to automatically execute a huge volume of trades simultaneously, evaluating the spreads, buying at the lowest available price on one exchange and then selling for the highest possible profit on another.

Everything is done automatically once you have funded your account. Your investment is converted into RBIS tokens and your profits are paid daily into your account. All profits are liquid, for withdrawal in BTC and ETH or in EUR or GBP by bank transfer.

Important note: RBIS tokens will not be exchangeable through exchanges until the end of 2021.

You can use the ArbiSmart investment calculator on the dashboard, or simply check out the accounts page.

As with all the major exchanges, all calculations are internal to our system, so transactions will only appear once tokens have been withdrawn.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. All regulated financial institutions are required to obtain several documents from each client, including Proof of Identity (POI) - a copy of a valid passport, driver's license or national ID card, and Proof of Residence (POR) - a copy of a utility bill /bank statement / credit card statement etc. Click on Menu -> KYC verification, and follow the instructions in order to upload your documents.

You can fund your account in either fiat or crypto, by means of a EUR/ GBP bank transfer, or by depositing BTC/ ETH/USDT. If you are interested in depositing using a credit card, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies on various exchanges using your card, before funding your ArbiSmart account.

To make a transaction, simply click on the Invest button and choose your favorite method: EUR/GBP bank transfer, or BTC, ETH or USDT wallet transfer.

To send a bank transfer, type the amount you wish to send and click on Create Bid. Then, copy the beneficiary details and the personal REF ID. Make sure your REF ID is mentioned in your transfer. Please note: a bid is valid for 2 days only.

To fund your account using BTC, ETH or USDT, simply copy the wallet address that appears in your ArbiSmart account and send the coins.

The minimum investment sum is 500 EUR

To make a bank transfer, your account must be fully verified. Please upload your KYC documents by clicking on Menu -> KYC verification. If you have already done so, please wait until one of our compliance officers has reviewed your KYC application. Once your account is fully verified, you will be able to make a deposit via bank transfer.

It can take up to 3 business days to process a bank transfer (excluding weekends and holidays).

Once your funds arrive, you will be notified via email automatically.

Each individual client can have only one private account.

First and foremost, choose a secure password, comprised of a mix of characters, letters and numbers. In addition, activate 2FA authentication.

A higher account level is a result of a bigger contribution to the liquidity pool used for arbitrage trading. The larger the investment sum, the greater the contribution. High liquidity is crucial for making arbitrage profitable. Users who reached a higher account level, can benefit from bigger profit percentages, better promotions and increased revenue opportunities.

Once your request is submitted, our team will update you as to whether it was approved or declined. Usually, you will be notified at the same day.

Yes, you can log in to your ArbiSmart account via your mobile.

Please be advised that compounding savings account profits is a feature which is available to all clients, who hold certain account levels.

Please note: You can always reinvest Euro profits generated from the default account. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

The differences between the two accounts are as follows:

1. Savings Account – Our closed savings account is similar to the closed savings account offered by your bank, where your funds are inaccessible, for a set period, and in return, you earn a higher rate of interest. Your profits will be generated in RBIS, our native token, and the overall ROI is much higher than for the Euro account. Since this is a closed account, you will not be able to withdraw your profits or deposits until the end of the year. At the higher account tiers, you can reinvest (compound) your profits.

2. Euro Account – This is our default account, where all returns are generated in Euro. You can withdraw or reinvest your profits at any time. However, the ROI is lower compared to savings accounts.

To make a withdrawal, your account must be verified by completing KYC verification, which involves providing the relevant proof of ID and residence documentation.

Important note: Additional T&C may apply in various cases. For further details, please contact our support.

The current RBIS price appears on your account dashboard

The RBIS token price is determined by supply and demand. ArbiSmart's advanced system takes in consideration multiple variables that determine the RBIS price in real time.

Our vision1
We believe in democratizing the arbitrage space, diverting power away from major financial institutions and placing it back in the hands of ordinary people. Smart Arbitrage Systems is committed to creating an environment where even those without a wealth of experience or hundreds of thousands in available investment capital can earn from market price differences. We aim to help novices get a slice of the action, by automizing and simplifying the entire process so that anyone can benefit from market opportunities, enjoying minimal exposure and maximum returns.
Unmatched expertise2
Arbismart's team is made up of R&D professionals and market specialists. We are dedicated to providing expert personal guidance to our clients whatever their experience level, so they can optimize their profit potential, while driving innovation with arbitrage technology that keeps pushing the envelope.

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