You’ve Got the Power

All major decisions relating to the future of the ArbiSmart project are made collectively, and our voting protocol places control directly in the hands of the community.
Any person holding RBIS has voting power, with a direct say over policy direction. This wholehearted commitment to fairness and transparency has resulted in exceptional revenue generation opportunities and cost-effective transactions..

The Benefits

Control over the future is completely in the hands of the community
Voting offers an added RBIS utility driving token demand and liquidity
The project governance structure is cost-effective and low- effort
Transparent voting lets you to track the decision-making process

Your Opinion Counts

Votes are cast via the ArbiSmart dashboard. Totally transparent, the process allows participants to see the level of participation, and the percentage of the votes received by each side, ensuring that the majority-vote decision is executed.

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One RBIS, One Vote

ArbiSmart offers voting rights to anyone who owns RBIS tokens. This equitable approach enables all the members of the community to take part in determining the direction in which the project expands and evolves.