Secure, Profitable, Effortless

Sit back and let your wallet do the work!
The ArbiSmart Wallet provides secure storage for your
savings, while earning you a substantial passive income.

Annual interest rates reach up to 49% on all fiat or
cryptocurrencies aside from RBIS, which offers
unmatched rates of up to 147%!

Time Is Money

The wallet not only supports multiple FIAT and cryptocurrencies but offers a broad selection of savings options. You can go without interest in favor of instant access to all your funds, or lock some, or all, of your capital in long-term savings. The longer the lock on the funds, the higher the interest rate. You can choose to receive your daily interest to an open, unrestricted account, or keep it safely stored in the locked account for even better rewards.

Earn More with RBIS
Buy RBIS and automatically start generating daily interest in your chosen currency
Earn higher interest with RBIS than for any other account currency
Receive the interest on your account in RBIS, and further increase your APY

Unique Features

Unparalleled profits, with up to 147% annual interest
Prompt, hassle-free withdrawals
Account interest that is already being earned from day one
Support for multiple fiat and digital currencies
Powerful security and risk management protocols
A range of savings plans to suit each individual client’s needs
Full EU authorization and adherence to strict AML and KYC regulations
High interest

Start earning industry-high interest from day one that is accessible at any time without touching the capital on which it is being earned.

Tight security

The wallet is EU authorized, and ArbiSmart adheres to tough financial regulation, as well as strict security and risk management protocols.

Total flexibility

Fund your wallet with a broad choice of fiat and cryptocurrencies, choosing from a savings plan that can be customized to suit your needs.