Why Is RBIS Bear Market-resilient Even as Other Coins Crash?

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest crypto news, you’ll be aware that the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are continuing to tumble. Meanwhile RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project is soaring. In just the last 2 weeks, RBIS rose over 300% and it is still climbing!

So, what is it about RBIS specifically that makes it so resistant to the crypto bear market trend?

Volatility-resistant Services

We offer volatility-resistant utilities that generate the same consistent return on investment, whichever direction the market is moving.

Firstly, our crypto arbitrage algorithm makes money from temporary price differences across exchanges. These brief price disparities occur for a variety of reasons, such as differences in trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges, and they arise equally regularly, whether the market is in an upturn or a downturn. Our automated system, connected to multiple exchanges, buys the asset at the lowest price, and then sells at the highest to generate predictable passive profits of up to 147% a year, depending on the amount deposited.

Volatility-resistant Services

Secondly, our interest-generating wallet, introduced in July, offers unmatched interest rates of up to 147% a year, which remain the same whether the market is in a bull or bear trend. You can choose from 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies and pick from savings plans ranging from 1 month to 5 years in length, receiving a better rate the longer funds are locked up.

The amount of interest you earn depends on your account level, which is based on how much RBIS you own. So, owning more RBIS means a higher return on all supported currencies. If you don’t want to convert your crypto or FIAT into RBIS you don’t have to. If you believe in the long-term potential of your Bitcoin or other preferred currency, you can keep it securely stored and put it to work earning interest. However, balances in RBIS earn 3 times more than balances in any other currency. Want to keep your BTC balance but still increase your interest rate? No problem. You can choose to just receive the daily interest in RBIS.

Growing demand combined with a shrinking supply

Rising demand and falling supply are driving up the RBIS price.

One reason for this is that more RBIS is being locked in savings plans. The new wallet is gaining traction every day. As it gains momentum, and the user base grows, more people will be locking RBIS in savings plans for prolonged periods taking it out of general circulation and restricting the supply.

It is important to note that the RBIS supply is finite. This means that the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is capped at 450M. So, as demand increases, the available supply will continue to shrink, driving up the price.

We are introducing new features all the time. The development team is constantly improving the ArbiSmart offering, making it more attractive to users and expanding its audience. For example, support for multiple new coins has just been added, and new short -term, 1-month and 3-month savings plans have been introduced.

RBIS price

We also have multiple new RBIS utilities on the way, designed to grow our audience and increase RBIS token usage. All these new services in the pipeline for the coming months will require use of the RBIS token, driving demand even higher. As demand continues to grow, outpacing the diminishing supply, the RBIS price will rise.

These new utilities include a mobile application, which will enable users to buy, store, exchange and sell crypto as well as a one-of-a- kind DeFi protocol, offering yield farming and unique gamification features, where users will be rewarded for loaning funds and providing liquidity, with up to 190,000% APY as well as 0.3% of the fee charged for each trade. We will also be launching an NFT marketplace, plus a collection of our own unique ArbiSmart NFT’s, in addition to a professional cryptocurrency exchange and a play-to-earn, gaming metaverse, where participants will be able to purchase, develop, and sell virtual plots of land.

All the utilities will be interlinked, so use of one service will lead to better terms when using another. For example, an ArbiSmart NFT will offer a valuable investment opportunity while also guaranteeing a higher APY for yield farmers. This interconnectivity will boost RBIS liquidity, as well as increasing the already skyrocketing demand.

The Benefits of Owning RBIS

One of the primary advantages of owning RBIS is new revenue streams. With each new utility that is added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem, RBIS owners can take advantage of new sources of profit from arbitrage, savings plans and yield farming, to gaming, trading and NFT investment.

RBIS benefits

Another benefit is a higher account level. The more RBIS you own, the higher your account level will be, meaning better profits on all the supported currencies you hold in your ArbiSmart wallet.

Then of course there are soaring capital gains. As token demand exceeds the available supply, the RBIS price will rise leading to sizable capital gains for those who already own RBIS. It is already up 300% and with the introduction of all the new developments in the coming months the price is set to shoot up much higher!

When You Should Buy RBIS

RBIS is available on a wide range of exchanges, as well as directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard and can be bought at any time. However, it is worth considering that the token has been steadily rising in value and as the wallet gains users and new RBIS utilities are introduced, the price is on track to soar. This means that if you want to raise your account level and earn a higher rate of interest on your Bitcoin, Ether or Euro, now is the time to buy RBIS. As the token becomes more expensive to purchase, it will require more FIAT or crypto to raise your account level and you won’t be able to do so with the same level of investment.

Example: A wallet holder opened a Beginner account with 1,000 RBIS, and wishes to earn a higher return on their BTC and EUR balances by upgrading to an Advanced account, which requires a minimum of 5,000 RBIS


If 1 RBIS costs $1, the wallet holder will need to pay $4,000 to purchase the 4,000 RBIS required to upgrade their account level from Beginner to Advanced.

However, if RBIS triples in value and 1 RBIS suddenly costs $3, to raise their account level the wallet holder will need to pay $12,000 to purchase the same 4,000 RBIS.

To earn a profit from your capital, whichever way the market shifts, open a wallet today. Or, if you already own a wallet, raise your account level and buy RBIS now while the price is still under $1!

You can also learn more about ArbiSmart or explore a wide range of emerging crypto and blockchain-based trends by checking out the ArbiSmart blog.