Top Tips for Identifying the Best Altcoin Investments

These days, no well-rounded investment portfolio is complete without digital currencies. Smart investors are diversifying, by HODLing coins to benefit from long-term appreciation, or executing rapid-fire, short-term trades to exploit the crypto market’s exceptionally high volatility. Crypto offers some of the world’s most lucrative investment opportunities and with the growth of this emerging asset class, the number of altcoins available on the exchanges is increasing at a rapid pace. The choice can be overwhelming so here are some valuable tips on how to choose the best altcoin investments.

Do your homework

While Bitcoin set the standard with its incredible longevity and profitability, newer coins have been entering the exchanges, climbing the ranks and even out-performing the original coin. New altcoins are being created all the time and you need to do your research to find the right investment for you.

If you want a well-established coin, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum, your first step is to go to a reputable site, such as Coinmarketcap, that offers critical crypto market metrics. Check out the coin’s market capitalization, the calculation of the coin price multiplied by the number of coins in circulation, as an indicator of its size and market worth. You also want to know its trading volume, since, by looking at how much it has been bought or sold over the last trading day, you can evaluate the demand for the currency and get a sense of which direction the price is moving. A coin that is heavily traded and also has high levels of liquidity, can later be sold with no difficulty at all at market price, providing a safer, more reliable investment choice.

high levels of liquidity for bitcoin

However, while a coin that has successfully proven itself is a great addition to any portfolio, the most exciting altcoin opportunities are the ones that are quietly gaining ground but are yet to hit the big time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back in time and buy Bitcoin, right at the beginning before it became huge, when the price was low and barely anyone had even heard of cryptocurrencies? While time travel is impossible, it is not too late to get a slice of the action with the crypto world’s next Bitcoin. Looking into as yet unlisted coins involves a lot more homework but the rewards of getting in on the ground floor are worth the effort. You will need to consider a variety of different factors relating to the company behind the coin, from the technology and security to the risks and profit potential.

Prioritize security

It doesn’t matter how great the token’s potential, if the company is untrustworthy, has lax security or a questionable reputation, the fallout will be fast and the coin will disappear without a trace in no time at all. It’s no secret that the crypto world has a dark side that includes scammers and hackers, so your best bet, when choosing an altcoin is to go for a regulated brand with a stellar reputation for security and transparency.

ArbiSmart, established in early 2019, is a fully EU licensed crypto arbitrage platform with a proven track record. As a regulated company we have implemented a series of strict security protocols, from external auditing, product verification and compliance with KYC and AML requirements, to maintenance of adequate operational funds and adherence to tight data security measures.

Furthermore, the company has an expert risk management team providing an additional layer of security. Although the platform is fully automated, the addition of round-the-clock human oversight, makes for an even safer online investment experience.

We also have a sterling reputation among the crypto community, proving that our reliability, and profitability are among the best in the business. A quick online search will show positive feedback across all major social channels including Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and more, as well as a five star rating on Trustpilot, the preferred customer review site for crypto clients.

Focus on the technology

crypto investments

The most promising crypto investments are backed by advanced, innovative technology that provides a valuable service. If the technology is disruptive, functions effectively and fills a gap in the market it has a greater chance of success as will the coin powering the platform. Countless utility coins have fallen at the first hurdle because the products or services being provided did not meet a need or offer genuine added value. The best indicator of a profitable coin is the technology behind it.

Our advanced, patent-pending AI-based algorithmic trading software performs automated crypto arbitrage for clients around the globe. Utilizing an exceptionally low risk, high return investment strategy, the system does all the work for you, scanning over 20 exchanges simultaneously 24/7 to identify crypto arbitrage opportunities. The system is rapid and efficient, identifying disparities in the price of a coin across the various exchanges, instantly buying where the price is lowest and then automatically buying, at the highest available price, before the price discrepancy is resolved. The platform can execute a vast volume of trades at once, to generate passive income reaching as high as 45%.

The technology is highly sophisticated and fully automated without requiring human intervention. Even so, clients who have any questions can benefit from a dedicated account manager, as well as expert support, available 24 hours a day, via multiple channels, including email, phone, Messenger, Telegram, Viber and Whatsapp.

Maximize your revenue potential

profitable altcoin

Let’s be honest. The priority for most investors is boosting their bottom line. When you are choosing an altcoin one of the biggest questions you need to ask is how profitable and how popular is the company behind the coin? What are the revenue streams and how much can you expect to make as a return on your investment? A platform that offers steady, generous profits will gain and retain users. In turn, this will increase the liquidity of the platform, making it more lucrative for users in the short-term while increasing the value of the native token in the long-term.

profit 10.8% to 45% a year

The ArbiSmart platform offers unparalleled profits, far exceeding those offered by any traditional investment channel, or any other legitimate actor in the crypto space. Once the client has registered, their job is done. Their funds are converted into RBIS, our native token and then our crypto arbitrage trading platform automatically generates profits ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on the account level. Profits can be reinvested to earn compound interest or be withdrawn by the client at any time in BTC, ETH or EUR.

The RBIS token has not yet been listed. However, in the 18 months since the coin was introduced it has already gone up by 119% and is projected to rise in value by a whopping 3,000% by the end of 2021. This upward trajectory stems from the increasing popularity of the platform, which has experienced unprecedented growth, as well as highly successful well-timed product advancements that are creating new streams of revenue.

ArbiSmart’s latest offering is our EU licensed, interest-bearing wallet, where users can earn as much as 45% a year or even higher in interest. It allows crypto holders to make their currency work for them, generating a steady passive income instead of just sitting idle in a regular wallet. By placing their funds in a closed savings account, clients earn a higher return, which increases, the longer the lock on the funds. Meanwhile, as part of the ArbiSmart economy, the wallet also generates unmatched capital gains from the continued appreciation of the RBIS token.

EU licensed, Arbismart

When it comes to choosing the best altcoin investments, ArbiSmart offers exciting revenue potential and the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a coin that shows exceptional promise. It is important to remember however that whichever cryptocurrencies you pick for your portfolio, make sure to do the necessary research. Examine the company, including its regulatory status, the market viability of the product and services, its level of risk exposure and earnings potential. It’s worth the effort because altcoins offer an excellent means of diversification, with a growing asset class that offers lucrative opportunities for the savvy investor.