This Company Will Pay €60K for Your Bitcoin. Here’s Why

There are literally hundreds of ways to generate revenue with digital assets, but the crypto market is highly volatile, and profits can be inconsistent.

Among the simplest, most reliable, and profitable ways to make money from cryptocurrency is with ArbiSmart, an interest-generating wallet and financial services system which gives anyone who sells crypto through the platform a price that’s up to 900% better than the market rate!

Earn Minimum 200% Extra on Every Sale

ArbiSmart supports 25 different cryptocurrencies, and rewards platform users for selling their Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Euro or other preferred digital asset through the platform with exceptionally favorable rates.

Sellers will receive three times the price on the sale of all supported cryptocurrencies, except for the native token RBIS, on which sellers will receive ten times the value. All currencies will be sold into Euro, except for RBIS, which can be sold into either Euro or USDT.

For example, let’s say you choose to sell 0.5 BTC, which right now is equivalent to approximately €10,000. Once the vesting period ends you will receive €30,000.

25 different cryptocurrencies with arbismart

You just click on the Sell Crypto page in the dashboard and pick a currency, then the conditions required to receive the preferential rate are presented in advance of making the sale. These include a 24-month vesting period, and a minimum sale amount of the chosen currency.

Sell Crypto with Arbi

Make Up to 50% on Every Purchase Too

In addition to offering a 300% higher rate on the sale of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, at no extra cost, ArbiSmart also offers discounts of between 10% and 50% for anyone purchasing either FIAT or cryptocurrency through the platform.

Here, the size of the reward will depend on the currency; the length of the vesting period, which will be longer the higher the discount; the amount being bought, and whether a certain amount of RBIS is locked, for the duration of the vesting period.

FIAT and cryptocurrency purchasing discounts

For example, if you decide to benefit from a 30% discount on a purchase of Bitcoin equivalent to €2,000, you will only be paying €1,400. Then, once the vesting period ends you will have access to the full €2,000 worth of BTC.

BTC discounts

So, Then What?

In addition to generous rewards for the purchase and sale of currency, the EU authorized platform offers a secure interest-generating wallet that offers savings plans in both FIAT and crypto. So, at the end of the vesting period, you have the choice to either withdraw your funds from the platform, or place them in a wallet savings plan, to earn up to 147% APY, depending on your account level.

interest-generating wallet Arbismart

Your account status is determined by how much RBIS you own, so holding more RBIS means a higher interest rate on savings balance in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro, USD or any of the other currencies supported on the AriSmart platform. However, balances in RBIS earn the highest rates, further incentivizing ownership of the native token.

Add to this the fact that when you buy or sell crypto with ArbiSmart, in cases where RBIS is locked for the duration of the vesting period, the token is gaining another utility.

With each new RBIS utility, the limited token supply is falling as demand rises, pushing up the token price and generating increasingly impressive capital gains, on the rising token value.

A number of additional RBIS utilities are also getting introduced during H1 of 2023, which should also drive demand for the token, including an NFT marketplace, and a DeFi protocol that offers yield farming with never-before-seen gamification features that are a first within the DeFi space.

To benefit from an interconnected ecosystem, which offers multiple ways to earn a passive profit from your crypto, sign up with ArbiSmart today!