Security Alert: How to Safeguard Against Scammers

What Is the Threat?

Recently, we have become aware of a series of attempts to scam our users into giving up their private information.

A group has been impersonating the ArbiSmart team via our social media channels. They are asking our users for deposits and promising sky-high profits, as well as requesting that our clients join their fraudulent Telegram channel and provide personal details.

Their sole intention is to gain your private data and steal your funds, often by redirecting you to fake projects.

How Can You Protect Your Privacy and the Security of Your Funds?

These individuals, who are requesting your personal information, are scammers, and under no circumstances should you respond to their contact requests or click on any of the links in their messages.

Please be clear that no member of the ArbiSmart team will ever ask you for your account login details. If you receive suspicious contact and are unsure whether a data request is legitimate, please make sure to contact us directly to verify via [email protected] or our live chat.

While we already adhere to strict EU regulatory requirements, maintaining the toughest security protocols, we are consistently implementing new measures to fortify our systems and guarantee the integrity of your account and the privacy of your personal data.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, at any time.