How to Prevent Your Crypto Losing Value in a Bear Market

Even the most enthusiastic supporters of crypto would agree that while digital assets can be really lucrative, they are also an incredibly risky investment proposition. For example, the latest crypto crash saw both BTC and ETH fall by approximately 30% in a single day last week, and markets remain exceptionally volatile.

So, when prices start to go crazy, what is the best way to protect your crypto from market volatility?

Choose a Low-Risk Crypto Strategy

low risk crypto strategy

Considering the dramatic price fluctuations for which the digital currency markets are famous your best option is a crypto strategy that significantly reduces your exposure, and there is really only one candidate- crypto arbitrage.

This is a strategy that is in wide use by investment firms, financial institutions, corporations, and hedge funds, as well as retail investors, due to the fact that it doesn’t leave you vulnerable to the dangers of crypto price fluctuations. Instead, it enables you to make guaranteed profits from the volatile crypto markets by taking advantage of temporary price inefficiencies across exchanges. These are brief periods, often only lasting a few minutes, in which a cryptocurrency can be available at different prices on multiple exchanges at the same time. There can be all kinds of causes, for these price inefficiencies, such as differences in trading volume between various exchanges.  Crypto arbitrage investors exploit these temporary inefficiencies, by buying the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then instantly selling it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit before the inefficiency resolves itself.

The easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to profit from crypto arbitrage is with an algorithmic trading system and here at ArbiSmart, our EU regulated,  AI-based crypto arbitrage platform is connected to 35 exchanges which it scans 24/7, looking for crypto arbitrage opportunities on hundreds of coins simultaneously. All you need to do is sign up, and make a deposit, then your part is done. Your money, which can be withdrawn in fiat or crypto at any time,  is automatically swapped into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, and used for crypto arbitrage trading, generating guaranteed passive profits of up to 45% a year. 

Put Your Crypto to Work

put your crypto to work

Crypto that is sitting in a wallet is losing value by the day in a bear market, so find a way to make it generate a profit on your behalf.

Whatever is happening to digital currency prices,  whether it is a bull or bear market, crypto arbitrage opportunities continue to emerge and generate profits as steadily as ever. While other crypto investors are counting their losses, as a crypto arbitrage investor, your crypto is not only safe from a market crash but is actually working hard on your behalf to make unmatched profits.

If you’ve deposited with ArbiSmart, you are not only earning crypto arbitrage profits, starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45%, depending on the amount you invested, but you are also receiving compound interest on those earnings as well as huge capital gains from the consistent upward trajectory of the RBIS price. In fact, if you joined us in early 2019, when we launched the token, your RBIS has already quadrupled in value.

Many investors have chosen our automated crypto arbitrage platform as a haven in a crashing market, as rather than losing money, they can profit from their digital assets. This has created an RBIS bull run in a crypto bear market and now, just two years since it was introduced, RBIS has passed the €4 mark, having risen in value by more than 400%!

Pick a Coin with Long-term Potential

coin with long-term potential

Whatever coin you pick in a bear market, you want one that has more to offer than empty hype. It needs to have a valuable utility, strong development activity and a growing community where supply outstrips demand. These are all critical, if your chosen coin is going to weather the storm.

For example, ArbiSmart has grown by 150% in the last year alone, and client acquisition is climbing. The community is growing by the day, because the platform provides a generous, guaranteed, passive income and is consistently upgrading and  developing fresh utilities for the RBIS token. In the second half of 2021, the company is set to expand its product suite with a new licensed and regulated interest-bearing wallet and crypto credit card.   Moreover, in Q4, the listing process will be completed and RBIS will be tradable on the global exchanges, which is set to drive up the rising price of the coin even further.

The amount of RBIS that can ever be created is limited to 450 million. Once you have to purchase the coin on an exchange to use the ArbiSmart platform supply will fall, as those who are already platform users will continue to earn steady, rising returns and have little reason to part with their tokens.

Be Proactive

Don’t let bear markets hurt you. Secure your funds, by depositing your BTC, ETH and USDT to earn crypto arbitrage profits and keep growing your capital, while everyone who let their crypto sit there doing nothing loses money by the day.

Want to learn more about a wide variety of topics relating to cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi? Check out the ArbiSmart blog, or you can take steps now to protect your crypto, from a falling market, with crypto arbitrage.