Don’t Panic! Here’s How You Can Benefit from the Bear Market

Currently, the crypto market is seeing some major volatility, with Bitcoin experiencing its largest drop since 2018, and Ethereum plunging 20% in a single 24-hour period, all of which comes in the wake of the Federal Reserve aggressively hiking interest rates.

However, while the crypto news seems bleak, the current market actually presents some incredible opportunities for savvy investors to benefit from the bearish trend.

How to Generate Passive Crypto Profits in a Bear Market

passive crypto profits bear market

Here at ArbiSmart , platform users can make money in a falling market via our automated crypto arbitrage platform. It generates profits from temporary price differences across exchanges, which continue to emerge with the same consistency, whether the crypto market is bullish or bearish.

The user just deposits funds in FIAT or crypto, and the platform automatically converts the funds into RBIS. The algorithm puts the funds to work, exploiting price disparities, to generate revenues of up to 45% a year.

Since price disparities occur just as regularly, whichever direction the market is moving, the user’s Bitcoin or Ethereum will not suddenly lose value if the market tanks. Rather, it will keep generating a steady, predictable return, with the exact APY determined by the size of the deposit.

ArbiSmart users will also have another means of earning passive profits simply for storing funds on the platform. This quarter ArbiSmart is introducing an interest-bearing wallet supporting a wide range of FIAT and cryptocurrencies and users will be able to ride out the storm without just letting their crypto sit idle.

The wallet will offer a selection of savings plans generating interest of up to 147% on RBIS and up to 49% on all other supported currencies. ArbiSmart will also be releasing a mobile version that will allow users to deposit, purchase, store, exchange and withdraw capital from their phones.

Why the RBIS Price Is on Track to Take Off


While crypto prices may be currently experiencing a dip, the future of the RBIS token looks bright, as a major development push is being implemented in 2022. ArbiSmart has multiple new RBIS utilities in the pipeline, which should drive demand for the token and increase liquidity.

Following the release of the interest -generating wallet in June, at the start of next quarter, the development team will be introducing a decentralized yield farming service, offered through Uniswap, with direct access through the ArbiSmart dashboard. In return for providing liquidity, users will earn up to 190,000% APY as well as 0.3% of the fees on every trade. Additionally, Q3 will also see the launch of an NFT marketplace, plus the release of a collection of thousands of unique digital artworks.

Later in 2022, an ArbiSmart crypto exchange is being launched, as well as a gaming metaverse, where visitors will be able to purchase, build on and sell virtual plots of land for real-world profit.

All these new services are likely to drive up the token price in the very near future, as RBIS is required for use of every single utility in the ArbiSmart ecosystem. The supply of available tokens is forever capped at 450M RBIS, and as demand climbs, the supply will fall, pushing up the price.

The long-term viability of the token is enhanced by the interconnectivity of the entire crypto hub. Users will need to use RBIS to buy NFTs in the marketplace or virtual land and in-game items in the metaverse and 1,000 RBIS is required to be eligible for an interest-generating wallet savings plan. RBIS owners will then be rewarded for using more than one utility. For example holding an NFT means a higher yield farming APY.

The Average Purchase Price Strategy

average purchase price strategy

The Average Purchase Price strategy is a method for enabling investors to take advantage of dips in price to grow their profits over the long-term, with the benefits being felt once the market trajectory shifts. The strategy is based on the principle that while the markets can be highly volatile, they move in cycles, and at some point, the bear market will turn bullish for those assets that have intrinsic value and long-term viability. As we have seen, in this respect, RBIS presents an attractive opportunity, as new developments are likely to push up the price over the coming months.

Let’s say you bought 100 RBIS at $1, this means that you spent $100. Now, in the curreeent bullish market, the price is $0.5 and your RBIS is worth half the original value. However, if you then choose to purchase another 200 RBIS at the new price, spending an additional $100, you have a total of 300 RBIS for which you have paid $200 in all. This means that the average price at which you have bought RBIS is now $0.666.

Once the market recovers and the price bounces back to $1, or as anticipated, rises much higher, with major capital gains due to the many developments in the pipeline, token holders can make generous profits.

So, why not turn the bear market into an opportunity for potentially huge gains? Buy RBIS now!