A Brief Guide to ArbiSmart’s New, Upgraded Savings Accounts

We’re excited to share with you that you can now upgrade for free to ArbiSmart’s new savings account!

What Is an ArbiSmart Savings Account?

What Is an ArbiSmart Savings Account

ArbiSmart savings accounts allow you to enjoy a second, lucrative source of passive revenue. Instead of letting your crypto arbitrage profits sit idle, you can choose to place your RBIS in an account that is locked for a set period, and earn exceptionally high interest rates, with regular compounding.

While the current savings account contract lasts until the end October of 2021, when funds are released, the new savings account has a contract lasting until 2023. Although you are in no way obligated to transition to the upgraded account, we strongly suggest making the move as there are numerous financial benefits.

Why Transition to the Upgraded Account?

Transition to the Upgraded Arbismart Account

Firstly, by making the transition, you’ll benefit from a 15% higher interest rate at every single account tier, without having to deposit an extra cent. You’ll also be able to compound more times per month at each account level.

In addition, if you opt for the upgraded account, you can compound and transfer all your balances to the new account, including all funds from bonuses, bounties and promotions and earn interest on them too. In contrast, with savings accounts that have contracts ending in October 2021, only deposits direct from your main balance into the savings account are eligible to earn interest.

Moreover, you can enjoy buy back promotions from the upgraded savings account, whereas accounts with a contract end-date of 2021 are ineligible to participate in buy back promotions.

Another benefit is that you can compound all of the funds from your old account with a contract ending in 2021 into your new, 2023 account.

One more important advantage to consider is that straight through until 2023, your funds will continue to earn you generous capital gains on the rising value of the RBIS token. RBIS has already gone up by 640% in the last two years and with a series of valuable new utilities and listing scheduled for the coming months, the price looks like it’s about to take off.

You can see how much you will make with an upgraded account here.

How Do You Transition to an Upgraded Account?


If you already have a 2021 savings account, to upgrade simply access the ArbiSmart Dashboard and click on Investment Management, then click on Upgrade and agree to the terms.

If you do not already have a savings account, there is no need to upgrade, as from now on, each new savings transfer will be, by default, to the upgraded 2023 account.

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