What’s changed and what’s the same? ArbiSmart’s new dashboard

We hope you’ve had a chance to explore the new ArbiSmart wallet and crypto ecosystem. It’s packed with additional features and fresh ways to profitably store your funds, so we thought we’d breakdown some of the critical differences to show you all the new things you can do:

So, what’s new?

1. The ArbiSmart wallet supports a massive selection of traditional and digital currencies. We mean it, there are A LOT!

Check out the list here:

With the new ArbiSmart wallet, you can earn a far higher profit on your capital than ever before, with interest reaching up to 147% a year!

See how much you can earn with various savings plans:

3. Now you can store your traditional and digital currencies in a long-term savings plan without having to exchange them into RBIS.

However, if you do choose to hold RBIS, alongside other currencies, there are benefits:

a) Your account level is determined by the amount of RBIS you own, so more RBIS means a higher interest rate on all 22 currencies supported by the ArbiSmart wallet.
Your RBIS can be kept in an open balance and needn’t be locked in a savings plan to raise your account level and generate higher interest on balances in other currencies.

b) All FIAT and crypto balances can earn up to 49% interest a year except for RBIS balances, which can make up to 147% a year

c) Even if your savings plan balance is in EUR or ETH, if you choose to receive your daily interest in RBIS, you’ll earn a higher profit

d) Each RBIS token is worth one vote so owning more RBIS means you have more say over the future direction of the ArbiSmart ecosystem

e) With all the additional utilities we’re adding in the coming months, demand for RBIS is likely to grow, meaning you can earn capital gains on top of interest on your savings.

4. In addition to being able to purchase RBIS through third-party exchanges, you can now easily buy RBIS or exchange other FIAT and crypto currencies to RBIS, through the dashboard in just a couple of clicks.

Take a look:

5. The new dashboard, with its a sleek look and feel, is attractive, intuitive and clearly laid out, providing a wide range of information at a glance. The upgraded platform interface is also rich in smart features that let you perform a wide range of actions, all from a single screen.

View the status of your various balances, see the latest exchange rates for all your favorite cryptocurrencies, against the Euro, keep up to date with your referrals or view your historic account activity. You can also use the side menu to perform a variety of actions, such as purchasing and exchanging currency, opening a savings plan, or making deposits and withdrawals.

Check it out:

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