ArbiSmart Decentralized Yield Farming: Launch Update

We know you’re excited about our upcoming decentralized yield farming program and are eager to get an update on progress with the launch. We’re also really looking forward to going live with ArbiSmart’s new DeFi protocol but unfortunately, the launch is being held up by the fact that as an EU licensed and authorized company, we need to comply with strict regulations relating to the provision of crypto financial services, and we are currently waiting for more regulatory clarity in the EU towards the DeFi space. Once the situation becomes clear, and we know that we can launch without any problems from the regulators, we will do so directly.

What Is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is an investment strategy that generates high profits and involves a practice called staking, where you loan your crypto to a project and receive interest in return. You can also earn additional revenue through liquidity mining, a process where you place your cryptocurrency in liquidity pools, for which you are rewarded with tokens and fee percentages.

what is yield farming

What Is the ArbiSmart Yield Farming Protocol?

Our yield farming service will be offered through UniSwap, a decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain that provides a secure, liquid marketplace for trading ERC20 tokens.

arbismart yield farming protocol

The protocol will offer lending and liquidity provision opportunities for unmatched rewards, plus a percentage of the fees from each trade. The new service will offer a fresh spin on staking, enabling yield farmers to increase their profits with never-before seen gamification features. 

How Will You Be Able to Profit?

In addition to profits from crypto arbitrage trading, savings plans, and yield farming, you will be earning capital on the native token, RBIS. The new DeFi protocol will drive demand and strain supply, leading to a rise in token price. Then, of course, there are ArbiSmart NFTs.

arbismart profit

ArbiSmart’s unique NFT collection will generate revenue by appreciating in value, and the NFTs will be used to boost profits in our yield farming program. Each NFT has its own unique game statistics and can increase profits on a different RBIS pair. NFTs will provide boosts of various sizes and durations. A boost is a payment of a fixed profit each day for the lifespan of the NFT. As more NFTs are purchased, and the available supply shrinks, the price of ArbiSmart NFTs will rise.

 ArbiSmart yield farmers and NFT collectors are two separate crypto audiences, and our first-of-its-kind gamified yield farming program expands the profit capabilities of each. A collector can buy an ArbiSmart yield farming NFT, paying a lower transaction fee by using RBIS for payment. They can then sell the NFT to a yield farmer even if they don’t personally wish to stake. Since the price keeps rising, in line with increasing gamification demand, they make a profit on the appreciation of their NFT, while the yield farmer receives a boost to their APY.

We hope that in 2024 the regulations will be clearer regarding DeFi and we will be able to launch this game-changing new service early in the year.

Stay tuned, and the minute we have news, we’ll update you. For now if you’d like to learn more about DeFi, yield farming, crypto, blockchain technology, trading, and various investment strategies, check out the ArbiSmart blog.