The ArbiSmart Buyback Promotion Q&A

What Is the Buyback Promotion?

The ArbiSmart buyback promotion is an opportunity to sell a portion of your RBIS back to us before the coin is listed on the exchanges. The tokens will be offered for sale at their current value, which has already risen by over 400% in the two years since RBIS was introduced.

Why Is It Happening?

At ArbiSmart, we are under no obligation to offer a buyback. According to our terms of use, to which clients agree on registering with the platform, when RBIS are purchased, they can only be exchanged once the token has been listed. However, we care about our clients, and wish to provide as many choices and opportunities as possible, particularly in light of the global hardship created by the COVID crisis. So, we are now offering you the option to sell some of your RBIS back to ArbiSmart.

How Does It Work?

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Over the duration of the promotion, the SELL option will be automatically opened and closed, according to the liquidity pools, real-time crypto market activity, your account level, account maturity and the number of tokens you currently HODL. Our algorithm will perform the automated calculation to determine how many of the tokens that you hold are available for sale, based on your account level.

How Long Will It Last?

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Open to all our clients, at every account level, the buyback will begin on June 29thth 2021, and continue through to Friday July 2nd.

Will Selling My RBIS Affect My Account Level?

When purchasing RBIS, you score one point for every EUR invested. By the same logic, when selling RBIS, one point is deducted for each EUR you receive from the sale.

Please note: The lowering of your account score applies to the main balance only. The point deduction is not applicable to the sale of RBIS drawn from bonus or promotion balances.

To see the number of points required at each account level, view our accounts table.

From which Balances Can I Sell My RBIS?

All of our users will be able to take advantage of a sell option for their main balance. For higher tier accounts there will also be the possibility to sell RBIS from bonus and promotion balances.

How Is the Amount of RBIS I Can Sell Determined?

The number of RBIS tokens you will be able to sell is determined by our algorithm. It automatically takes into consideration your account level, liquidity pools and real-time market movements.

What Can I Do with the EUR I Receive in Exchange for My RBIS

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You can immediately withdraw the funds you receive from the sale of your RBIS, in EUR, BTC or ETH. Alternatively, you can hold the EUR in you account for withdrawal at a later stage or for the purpose of repurchase of RBIS at some future date.

How Many Times Can I Use the Sell Function?

You can use the sale function for the entire duration of the buyback promotion,.

It is important to note that the amount of RBIS available for sale will be adjusted several times a day by our algorithm. You can log into the platform at any point during the buyback to check if more tokens have been made available for sale.

How Will the Buyback Promotion Affect the RBIS Price?

The RBIS price is determined by the economic forces of supply and demand.

When you purchase RBIS, it decreases the supply, raising the value of the token. Conversely, when you sell your RBIS, the supply increases. So, the ratio of sell orders to buy orders will inform the tken oprice and provide an indication of the demand.

Should I Sell My RBIS?

Obviously, the choice of whether to take advantage of the buyback promotion is completely up to you, though there are a few considerations you may wish to take into account.

If you joined us in 2019, when the token was launched, your RBIS will already have quadrupled in value! This means you can already make great capital gains.

However, you should keep in mind that the upcoming RBIS listing on global exchanges in Q4 of 2021 is likely to drive up the price, as are the new utilities being added to the token in the coming months, such as an ArbiSmart interest-bearing wallet for fiat and crypto, a mobile app, a crypto credit card and more. The platform is steadily gaining in popularity, but it is still early days for the RBIS token and now is the time to get hold of tokens while the price is still affordable. So, if you want to earn even higher profits on the growing value of your RBIS you may wish to hold on for a while longer.

We hope this Q&A answers all your questions regarding the buyback promotion. Check out the rest of our blog to learn more about a wide variety of crypto-related topics.