A Review of the Best Bitcoin Price Charts and Price Trackers

In this post, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of what Bitcoin price charts and price trackers are, and how they can be used to improve your trading performance. We will then take a deep dive into the best crypto price charting tools on the market, so you can access the most accurate and up-to-the-minute data, maximizing your market potential.

How to use price charts and trackers

how to use price charts and trackers in crypto

When getting ready to open a position on the crypto markets it is critical to do your research. You need to monitor price fluctuations and identify patterns in order to reach informed market decisions.

With top quality Bitcoin price charts, real time data is at your fingertips directly from your mobile, computer or chosen trading terminal and you can examine current and historical price information on your preferred cryptocurrencies, with a high level of accuracy and immediacy.

Price tracking platforms and tools will vary with regard to the devices they support, their functionality and their display options, such as bar and line graphs, cryptocurrency candlestick charts and more. To use them you will need to become familiar with the different types of technical analysis tools and concepts like support and resistance, so you can optimize your market performance and make the right move and precisely the right time.

The Best Sites to Track Cryptocurrency

sites to track cryptocurrency

Probably the biggest name in the game is CoinMarketCap and when you are looking for the best site to track cryptocurrency, you won’t find a more popular data aggregator, or one that is easier to use.

If you are looking to focus on Bitcoin, vs other cryptocurrency charts you can do so, enjoying a range of valuable tools, but CoinMarketCap also covers more than two thousand other listed digital currencies. Coins are ranked by market capitalization, but you can click on any coin for a wealth of additional data. There are a wide range of ways to filter information on various exchanges and thousands of coins, as well as a choice of chart types, ranking features, indicators, and watch-listing tools. They also have a strong API and provide price alerts as well as portfolio tracking.

Alternatively, you have Coingecko, whichis one of the largest providers of Bitcoin price chart real time data. It offers valuable metrics on over 7,500 coins across over 400 exchanges, including community statistics from various social channels, code activity and more.

CryptoCompare is another leading price chart service, providing some major corporations and financial institutions, such as Thomson Reuters, with real time price data. They offer strong competition to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, tracking over 5,000 coins, and providing a highly advanced API, suited to companies implementing complex strategies, with data on various types of service providers in the digital asset arena, including wallets, ICOs, dapps and exchanges.

Mention should also be made of the US-based data aggregator Livecoinwatch, as well as the exceptionally user-friendly price tracker, Coincodex, which is designed for crypto novices and monitors a range of crypto categories from dtoken sales to ICOs.

The Best Mobile Bitcoin Price Charts and Portfolio Trackers

mobile bitcoin price charts

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency tracker designed specifically for mobile, the most popular tracking app on the market is Blockfolio. It allows crypto traders to add coins with ease and import trades from various exchanges for the purpose of tracking the progress of a crypto portfolio. Coin developers can update their token and communicate with users directly through the app, using Blockfolio Signals.

In contrast to Blockfolio, the Delta price data aggregator is accessible via mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop, so it is not just available from a phone. It also offers API connectivity to a vast number of exchanges, enabling users to import trades and access them across devices for effective portfolio tracking and updates.

Then, of course, there is Santiment, which provides investors with a real time crypto data feed. Users gain access to complex metrics and a range of monitoring and behavioral analytics tools as well as on-chain developer and social media data relating to over 900 coins. In addition to providing social trend indicators and weekly analytics, the platform allows coin monitoring through its watch-listing tool, while providing low-latency, live price alerts for a wide variety of scenarios.

One more great charting tool for traders wishing to analyze and track numerous cryptocurrencies is Tradingview, which offers a wide array of advanced technical analysis features.

How to Avoid Ever Having to Use Bitcoin Price Tracker Apps

bitcoin price tracker apps

One way to sidestep the need to use any type of cryptocurrency tracker tool at all is to invest in crypto using a fully automated algorithmic trading system. This presents a number of significant advantages:

Firstly, an automated system saves you from a lot of the time-consuming research necessary to make smart, informed market moves. It also provides a speed and efficiency that no human could ever match, meaning that you can take advantage of multiple lucrative opportunities simultaneously. Another factor to consider is that an automated system opens the door to the crypto exchanges to everyone and not just those with prior market experience. In addition, it will stick to a pre-set trading plan without being thrown off course by emotions like greed or fear.

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