A Guide to New Wallet Features: Nov. 2022

Here at ArbiSmart, we stay ahead of the curve by constantly innovating, and introducing new value-added tools to improve our ever-expanding ecosystem.

In the last month, we’ve extended our extensive list of supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies, with the addition of Dogecoin and added multiple fresh revenue-generating features to the ArbiSmart wallet and financial services hub. 

Check out all the enhancements here below and see how they each enable you to  significantly increase your passive profits. 


Currency Purchase Discount Program

The currency discount feature enables you to earn a profit every time you buy FIAT or crypto through the dashboard.

Discounts on currency purchases range from 10% to 50%, with the percentage increasing the longer the vesting period. In certain cases, other terms may also apply such as locking a specific amount of RBIS, our native token, until the purchased currency is available for withdrawal. 

The specific terms relating to each of the available discount options are laid out clearly in the Buy Crypto tab of the ArbiSmart dashboard, where a wide variety of choices is presented.

Factors determining the discount percentage include, the currency being purchased, the length of the vesting period, the amount being purchased, and whether or not a sum of RBIS is also locked for the duration of the vesting period


How You Profit:

  • You receive as much as an extra 50% of the value of your purchased currency completely free.
  • If your capital is in a currency that has experienced a sudden drop in price, by exchanging funds into another currency, you can prevent it from losing further value, while also profiting from the purchase.  
  • By locking RBIS for the duration of the vesting period, RBIS is gaining additional utility, which is liable to drive up the token value.



If you receive a 25% discount on a $2,000 Bitcoin purchase, you will pay $1,500 but the full $2,000 worth of Bitcoin will be yours once the vesting period is complete. You will then be able to withdraw your capital or put it to work earning interest in a wallet savings plan.

Daily Referral Commissions  

Our new referral program is unlike any other in the industry. It pays out profits every 24 hours, awarding you with ongoing commissions of up to 10% of your friend’s daily earnings.

When your referred friend locks funds in a savings plan, they will earn interest, which is paid out daily. As a reward for making the referral, you will receive a certain percentage of the interest each day for the duration of their plan. Also, the commission does not come out of your friend’s pocket, but rather comes directly from ArbiSmart.  


How You Profit:

  • You earn commissions of up to 10% of your friend’s daily profits. 
  • The profits will keep coming in for the entire duration of their savings plan contract, which can last up to 5 years.  
  • All commissions are paid in RBIS, providing a new utility for the token, and pushing its value higher. 
  • As your RBIS holdings increase, your account level will also rise, meaning you make a higher rate on your own savings balances in Ether, Euro, or any other supported currency.



If the friend receives 85 RBIS a day on RBIS locked in an ArbiSmart wallet savings plan, and you receive 3%, then you will receive around 2.5 RBIS a day. 

Important notes: 

  1. ArbiSmart referrals are all direct and not multi-tiered. 
  2. At this stage, all commissions are paid in RBIS.


Balance Currency Conversion


If you own a locked savings balance in Bitcoin, Euro, or any of the other 26 currencies supported by the ArbiSmart wallet, you can convert the currency of the balance into RBIS at any time.

How You Profit:

  • If your funds are in a currency that has experienced a sudden drop in price, by converting the balance into RBIS you are keeping your capital from losing value. 
  • Balances in RBIS earn triple the interest rate earned by balances in any other supported FIAT or cryptocurrency, so by converting your funds into our native token you will be increasing your daily profits.
  • By converting funds into RBIS, you will be raising your account level, which will earn you a higher rate of interest on savings plans in all currencies, from Bitcoin and Shiba Inu to Euro and the Pound. 


Balance Top Ups

This feature provides you with the choice to either maintain two separate balances in the same currency or top up an existing balance. 


How You Profit:

By being able to add funds to an existing plan, you can earn a higher profit from the larger balance.


Important Notes:

If you top up an existing savings balance, you reset the clock. So, if your funds were originally locked up for 2 years, and you top up after 18 months, then instead of the funds just being inaccessible for another 6 months, they will be locked up for 2 years starting from the date that funds are added. 

Savings Plan Extensions

ArbiSmart offers an extension option, 90 days before the expiry date.  It allows you to re-lock the plan for the same period again, with a reward of 10% of the original APY.

If your plan is imported from the previous version of the ArbiSmart platform and expires in 2023, you can extend the plan at any time prior to expiry. For these plans, the reward for renewal will be an extra 15% of the original interest on the capital. So, if you have been earning 30% interest, the renewed plan will earn 34.5%. 

How You Profit:

In return for extending a savings plan you will be rewarded with up to 15% of the interest on the plan.



If your 2-year savings plan earned 30% interest, and you choose to extend it prior to expiry, you will earn 33% on the new 2-year plan.

These latest features are just the start. Our development team will be keeping up the pace all winter, launching a stream of innovative new interconnected services in the coming months.  These include a wallet app; an NFT marketplace, ArbiSmart’s own NFT collection; a literally game-changing DeFi protocol with first-of-their-kind gamification features that will allow yield farmers use their NFT’s to increase their APY, and a professional crypto exchange.


To benefit from the revenue opportunities provided by our interest-bearing wallet, open a savings plan. Or learn more about the latest developments at ArbiSmart and about a range of other blockchain and crypto related topic, by browsing our blog