The Arbismart Authorization

ArbiSmart is fully EU registered, with active operating authorization issued by the Lithuanian FCIS.
It allows us to provide a range of virtual currency services that include exchanging crypto against both crypto and fiat currencies and offering digital wallet services.
As a FCIS authorizations holder we are obliged to comply with rigorous requirements that include maintaining a secure, functional platform and software, holding sufficient operational capital, separating company and client bank accounts and providing thorough client capital protection.
In adherence to regulation, we also have Lithuanian KYC team to ensure compliance with all AML/KYC procedures.
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What We Must Provide

Adequate operational capital
Why It Is Important

a) We are subject to the minimum initial capital and own funds requirement. Own capital requirement is intended for covering the risk of a provision of payment services.

b) We protect your funds with our security measures. Including setting up an Insurance Fund designed to use as a collateral in case anything goes wrong

What It Means for You

Your payouts are guaranteed, protected as entrusted to a company with adequate operating capital.

Criminal records of all related persons with Arbismart from all countries of citizenship
Why It Is Important

A thorough check of all the relevant people and companies with Arbismart is mandatory in order to make sure there is no fraudulent activity.

What It Means for You

You can be certain that you are dealing with a trustworthy company and team with a spotless record.

Internal and external auditor is mandatory
Why It Is Important

Our accounts are subject to additional check.

What It Means for You

Four layers of defense for your business.

Sound Anti-money laundering (AML) policies and procedures
Why It Is Important

a) Risk-based approach (RBA) in assessing and managing the money laundering and terrorist financing risk to the company.

b) We perform customer due diligence (CDD), identification and verification procedures, including enhanced due diligence, screening against UN, EU, OFAC sanction lists.

What It Means for You

Our AML/CTF policies and procedures make us reliable partner within the financial sector safeguarding our own and your business reputation.

Data protection and security
Why It Is Important

We maintain high level IT security checks and data protection processes, access right procedures and data encryption.

What It Means for You

Your sensitive information is safe and protected with us.