Explore New Worlds

Enter a virtual world where you can monetize assets
and games, enjoying an immersive digital
experience, with a growing community of creators,
gamers, and investors.
Join our metaverse to play, earn, explore new environments, socialize, and perform a wide variety of virtual transactions. 

A Land of Opportunity

Buy digital real-estate, with RBIS, our in-game currency, collecting land and building structures on your plots. Develop your land, or sell it, creating and discovering new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments, earning as you

Play to Earn
Make money just for playing games!

The funds you earn gaming in our metaverse can be transferred into your ArbiSmart wallet or used to make a wide array of in-game purchases.
You can also buy NFTs and claim ownership of in-game items so as to boost your bottom line further, by selling or trading them.

Optimized Profit Potential

The entire ArbiSmart crypto hub is interconnected. This means that you can purchase an in-game item in our NFT marketplace for use in our metaverse. Use of one RBIS utility will be rewarded with exclusive terms elsewhere in the growing ArbiSmart ecosystem. So, for example if you hold an NFT, and then participate in our decentralized yield farming program, you will receive a higher APY.