What Is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, confers ownership of
an original asset, such as a collectible, in-game item,
video, piece of music or digital drawing.
In purchasing the NFT, ownership of the asset is
transferred, and since the data is held on a public
blockchain, its authenticity can be instantly verified.

The ArbiSmart NFT Marketplace

The ArbiSmart NFT marketplace brings artists, crypto enthusiasts and investors together in a secure space where sought-after exclusive artworks by top global digital artists can be bought and sold with ease.

A Vast Digital

ArbiSmart’s extensive and diverse collection of thousands of unique digital items includes a wide variety of one-of-a-kind assets. Many of these will provide additional utilities and benefits for NFT collectors and RBIS holders across the ArbiSmart ecosystem. For example, our NFT marketplace is fully integrated with the ArbiSmart metaverse, so you can purchase an avatar to represent you as you navigate our ever-expanding virtual world.

Optimized Profit Potential

The entire ArbiSmart crypto hub is interconnected. This means that you can purchase an in-game item in our NFT marketplace for use in our metaverse. Use of one RBIS utility will be rewarded with exclusive terms elsewhere in the growing ArbiSmart ecosystem. So, for example if you hold an NFT, and then participate in our decentralized yield farming program, you will receive a higher APY.